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RAchel Howell-james

Year 6 teacher, Assistant Headteacher, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Curriculum Lead, Teaching and Learning Lead, Literacy Coordinator, History Coordinator.

  “Broseley C of E has always been known for its sporting accolades but I was ambitious to showcase our academic abilities, after all we have an experienced and outstanding staff and extremely talented children, and I believed that we had the capability to become a pioneering school for education; in addition to strengthening our links with parents, grandparents and businesses so that Broseley C of E would not only be part of the community but be at the heart of the community.
I am known as the researcher at school and I love nothing more than to keep up-to-date with anything related to educational progress: the best reading and writing strategies; behaviour management; and the most effective ways to model lessons and provide feedback so the children get the most from their learning; therefore, when I was promoted to Assistant Headteacher with the role of Curriculum, Literacy and Teaching and Learning Lead, I was able to put all my research into practise and with the help of the staff and collaboration with Mr Aiston, was able to implement the best evidence-informed strategies to ensure that all our children could receive the best education possible.
I believe that education is ever evolving, and I am privileged to work in such a forward-thinking school with a leadership team who have faith in its staff to develop initiatives, and a team capable and brave enough to deliver them.
I am still as passionate about teaching now as I was on my very first placement and I’m excited to see how we can further develop our curriculum to ensure our children have choices and opportunities far beyond what they could ever imagine.”