Whole School Reception Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

Elected school council
Within PSHE lessons
Local councillors have visited school.
Pupil questionnaires
Speaking and listening is integral in all lessons.

Sharing, turn taking and listening to others.

Children initiate their own learning experiences

Children are helped to express their views and listen to the opinions of others.
Monarchy linked to writing.

Children are helped to express their views and listen to the opinions of others.

PSHE: working together, shared goals, how to listen.
School council voting system.

Vote for winners of competitions.

School council vote.
Eco ambassadors speeches and vote.
Children debate issues in a range of lessons.

School council vote.
Eco ambassadors speeches and vote.
Children debate issues in a range of lessons.

Read War Horse.

WW2 debate: should we have appeased Hitler or gone to war.
School council vote.

Eco ambassadors speeches and vote

The rule of law

School rules are known by all children.
Behaviour policy with rewards and sanctions.
E-Safety rules are in place.

Visits from police.


School and classroom expectations and routines.

Study Lord Shaftesbury.
Children develop own set of rules. PSHE: Fairness and rules.

PSHE: Rules

Online privacy – E-protection.
Following rules on visits.

PSHE: Rights and responsibilities.

Law and govt. structure.

Newspaper reports using crime vocabulary.
Crucial crew.

Science curric: drugs and alcohol.

Individual liberty

Providing experiences, visitors.
Empowerment is a key theme.
Strong anti bullying culture.

Studied key figures in assemblies: Martin Luther King, Malala Yonsafsi.
What makes a hero topic.
What can I celebrate?
Little people, big dreams books.
What was the best time to be a child?
Challenge stereotypes eg. Role-play.
Forest School

Children look after their own equipment.  Challenge stereotypes by studying Mae Jamison.

PSHE: Understanding money.

Study travel and how children go to other countries.

PSHE: Lifestyle choices, I am, who I am.
Healthy Eating.

Visit to shops. Choosing working partners.

Roles and roles within classroom.

Children read Sky Hawk.
Children are given roles within class and at events.

Cookery club

Children given responsibility to be Behaviour, Reading and Science Ambassadors across the school.
Visits to employers and visits from industry experts.
Showing further education pathways and opportunities.
Sports Leaders empowering other children.

Child led investigations for other year groups.

Mutual respect

RE curriculum
Assemblies about equality.
Black History month.


Circle time

Children study Diwali .

Children understand consent and self worth.

PSHE: How we treat each other.

Class reads about refugees.

PSHE: Friendship, different communities.
RE: Christianity-what world did Jesus want.
Sharing rooms on residentials.

Atman: God is in everyone.

Sharing rooms on residentials.

Reading with Reception children.

Writing linked to character with a disability.
PSHE: Confidentiality, listening and responding

Physical contact/ online relationships

Madame Walker biography

History: WW2 black and female role models.
PE collaboration and competitive games.

Living and working together at Arthog.
Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

RE curriculum.
Equality is a key theme in curriculum.
Visitors from various religions.

Black History month.

What we can celebrate?
Visit to the Think Tank.

Little people, big dreams books.
Study Christians, Muslims and non-religious world views. Study Christians, Jews and non-religious world views.

RE: How do festivals/worship show what matters to Muslims.
RE: How and why do people try and make the world a better place? (Muslims, non-religious)

RE: What do Hindus believe God is like.
Study Christians, Hindus, Muslims and Jews and non-religious world views.
Read Journey to Johannesburg

Class read: Boy at the back of the class.
RE: Importance of Torah for Jewish people.
Why do Hindus want to be good?

Humanism/ Christianity: compare/contrast. Good/bad-why?

Reading: Lion above the door (different cultures).
Letters from the Lighthouse (refugees).


As well as actively promoting British Values, the opposite applies; we would actively challenge pupils, staff or parents expressing opinions contrary to fundamental British Values, including ‘extremist’ views. 

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