meet our reading Ambassadors

Our reading ambassadors have an important role within the library and the school community.  They work closely with Ms Young to ensure the smooth running of the library and book collections throughout the school.  The library is open at both Breakfast Club and lunchtimes to allow the independent choice of reading for pleasure books.  The reading ambassadors use their passion for reading to help make choices and to encourage reading enthusiasm. 
Our reading ambassadors have been chosen for their love of reading and their enthusiasm to share their passion for reading with others.  Our ambassadors support reading across school every week; they have a timetable of children to read with regularly.  They share their love of reading a range of text types across a range of media (magazines, graphic novels, picture books and information books) with other children. 

Job Title:Reading Ambassador
Job Purpose: To help the School Librarian (Ms Young) to promote the love of reading across school.


• To help in the library at set times agreed with the librarian
• To shelve fiction books in A-Z order
• To shelve information books in subject order
• To keep all sections of the stock tidy and in the correct order
• To help issue and return resources
• To help other students find what they are looking for
• Any other jobs which help the librarian
• To be a reading role model and demonstrate enthusiasm for reading for pleasure

Reading Ambassadors also:

• Are willing to help others
• Have an interest in books
• Enjoy thinking on your feet
• Enjoy helping other people
• Have good communication skills
• Work with other students compassionately
• Understand that they represent both the school and the library that they are working in

Reading Ambassadors are:

• Reliable
• Hardworking
• Honest
• Fun
• Sensible
• Enthusiastic