Meet the Staff


Teacher Job Role
Mr S. Aiston Head Teacher / Designated Safeguarding Lead
Miss L. Simpson Deputy Head / SENDCo / Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Miss R. Howell Assistant Head / Literacy Coordinator
Mrs T. Mitchell KS1 Manager
Mrs N. Venables School Business Manager
Mrs E. DavisEYFS


Mrs E. Davis
Subject Lead: EYFS

I have worked at Broseley C of E for over 25 years! During that time, many different members of staff have come and gone, but the strong caring ethos of a family has continued throughout, where the children are at the centre of everything we do. I love, and feel privileged to work with the very youngest of children in school. Their sense of wonder, joy and excitement to learn, is infectious making the reception classroom at Broseley C of E a lovely place to be.

Mrs T. Mitchell – Year 1
Subject Lead: RSE/RE/ PSHE/ MUSIC

I joined Broseley C of E in 2014 and I can honestly say it’s the place where I regained my love of teacher!!!! I am fortunate enough to be able to speak as a parent and a member of staff when I say the school has friendly welcoming atmosphere with an open door policy… I am a Broseley girl and love living and working in such a close community. I think my knowledge of the community has helped greatly and I love nothing more than rising to the challenge of organising children to attend community events.

I have high expectations of my class and it’s often been said I’m fun, firm but fair, and I’ll take that proudly as I continue to plan rich and varied curriculum to meet the needs of each new class.

Mrs J. Aston – Year 2
Subject Lead: History / Geography

I have worked at Broseley CE School for the whole of my 32 year teaching career. For the majority of this time, I have taught in KS1, but I have also taught in Reception and in Years 3 and 4. I feel very fortunate to work in such a lovely school, where every child is valued for their own unique strengths, talents, interests and personalities.

Miss L. Simpson – Year 4/5

I am extremely proud to be part of the amazing team at Broseley CE Primary School. I have been the Deputy Head now for almost eleven years and truly feel part of a wonderful supportive Broseley community. For me, one of the key strengths of our school is the pastoral care of our children. We endeavour to ensure that every pupil feels safe and happy, and can thrive in a supportive and exciting learning environment. As a class teacher, I work hard to make this happen – with very high expectations of learning and behaviour, underpinned with genuine care for my pupils’ well-being and happiness, and I also like to ensure that we have lots of fun at school. I love to be creative; teaching drama and dance classes, as well as overseeing the teaching of music and French in school. You might also find me building a cave in the classroom to provide pupils with somewhere exciting to enjoy their reading!

Mr J. Heath – Year 3/4
Subject Lead: KS2 Maths/PE/Deputy Safeguarding Lead

I started at the school as a teaching assistant and I have been teaching at Broseley since qualifying as an NQT around 16 years!

I have never wanted to teach anywhere else, the children, the parents, the community and the town are very close to my heart even though I am not ‘local’.

My passion is sport and I believe that competition is a healthy and important part of growing up. Learning how to lose and win graciously is an invaluable skill for life. Always happy to make a fool out of myself, wear costumes and prance around in a tutu if the occasion calls for it as I believe fun has to be at the heart of learning.

Miss K. Wootton – Year 5
Subject Lead: Science

I have been working at Broseley for the last 7 years. Those 7 years have been brilliant! Broseley is a fabulous place to work, as the ethos of the school really suits me as a person. We work hard but know how to have fun along the way, which is what I see teaching being about. I enjoy all areas of the curriculum, in particular maths and science. We are so fortunate to have our own Forest School area and access to the local nature reserve ‘The Haycop’, as I enjoy working outside as much as possible. My hobbies include rock climbing, mountain biking and reading – especially books written for children! All in all, Broseley is a fun, stimulating place to be!

Miss R. Howell -ASSISTANT HEAD / Year 6
Subject Lead: Literacy/ CURRICULUM LEAD

During my teacher training, I was lucky enough to conduct my final placement at Broseley C of E, in Mrs Aston’s year 2 class – here began my love for the school and the local community who had shown me such support whilst I cared for my sick mother, so when a teaching position was advertised several years later, I jumped at the opportunity to apply and was appointed as a class teacher.

Broseley C of E has always been known for its sporting accolades but I was ambitious to showcase our academic abilities, after all we have an experienced and outstanding staff and extremely talented children, and I believed that we had the capability to become a pioneering school for education; in addition to strengthening our links with parents, grandparents and businesses so that Broseley C of E would not only be part of the community but be at the heart of the community.

I am known as the researcher at school and I love nothing more than to keep up-to-date with anything related to educational progress: the best reading and writing strategies; behaviour management; and the most effective ways to model learning and provide feedback so that the children get the most from their learning; therefore, when I was promoted to senior leadership and Science and Literacy Coordinator I was able to put all my research into practise and with the help of the staff and collaboration with Mr Aiston, was able to implement the best evidence-based strategies to ensure that all our children could receive the best education possible.

I believe that education is ever evolving and I am privileged to work in such a forward-thinking school with a leadership team who have faith in its staff to develop initiatives, and a team capable and brave enough to deliver them.

I’m still as passionate about teaching now as I was on my very first placement and I’m excited to see how we can further develop our curriculum to ensure our children have choices and opportunities far beyond what they could ever imagine.

Other Staff Members

Teaching AssistantsJob Role
Miss C.Gibbons
Mrs C. Power
Mrs K.Childs
Mrs J. Phillips
Mrs A. Lewis
Miss J. Young
Mrs H. Beech
Mrs P. Jones
Mrs D. Woolley
Mrs B. Evans
Miss D. Mitsopoulos
Miss K. Hartland Learning Mentor
Admin TeamJob Role
Nikki VenablesSchool Business Manager
Mrs D. Moore Office Coordinator
Mrs C. Durns Administrator
Lunchtime AssistantsJob Role
Mrs C. Power Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs A. Lewis Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs P. Jones Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs C. Taylor Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs J. Parker Lunchtime Assistant
Kitchen / Breakfast ClubJob Role
Mrs A. Brickley Cook
Mrs A. Jones Kitchen Assistant
Mrs E. Hill Kitchen Assistant
Mrs K. Allen Kitchen Assistant
Mrs K. Spender Kitchen Assistant
Miss K. BeechCashier
Site TeamJob Role
Mr G. Loynton Site Manager
Mrs L. Jones Cleaner in charge
Mrs M. Long Cleaner
Mrs E. Hill Cleaner
Mrs J. Taylor Cleaner
Subject LeadersJob Role
Mrs E. Davis EYFS
Mrs T. Mitchell RSE/RE/ MUSIC/ KS1 Maths/ KS1 LEAD
Mrs J. Aston History / Geography
Miss L. Simpson SENDCO /Art / PSHE/ RSE
Mr S. Aiston Computing
Mrs J. Heath KS2 Maths / PE
Mrs C. Bagnall D&T / Cooking
Miss. R. Howell Literacy / Science