Our Library

Our school library is open every day.  Each class has a timetabled visit each week with the librarian, Ms Young, where they can choose a book to borrow, take home and share with their family.  In addition, the library is open for breakfast club and lunch times with our reading ambassadors.  Magazine/Library Club is also available as an after-school club for KS2.
Our library has 7 main categories to choose from.  A brief overview is below; however, our librarian, Ms Young or reading ambassadors are always happy to help locate the book you would like.

  • Fiction by author

We have a large selection of quality, current books to choose from.  We feature genres including adventure and mystery, humour, friendships, fantasy, horror and sport.  We also have shelves dedicated to “Popular Authors” and “Popular Series”.

  • Speedy Reads

Our “Speedy Reads” shelves and brimming with first chapter books and easier reads for students who are just beginning their love of reading.  The tubs have been organised into simple genres or subject interest, such as animals, mischief, adventure, real life and magic.

  • Picture Books

We have a wide selection of wonderful picture books.  These are our student’s first gateway to a love of reading and are very much integral to the whole school’s joy of storytelling.

  • Information Books

We have an enormous stock of information books spanning subjects such as history, science, animals and their kingdoms, art, sport, the natural world, and RE.  The list of topics continues to expand with our students’ interests.

  • SEE boxes

These boxes feature books which particularly address our school’s overarching principles of Sustainability, Equality and Empowerment.  These principles also feature highly when it comes to choosing new books for the library stock, however, these books are great for quick reference and use.  The issues subtly addressed within these books include emotions, feeling, role models, disabilities, race, conflict and refugees, conservation and many more.

  • *Graphic Novels trolley* (New and improving)

Our current focus is improving our stock of the ever-popular graphic novels.  These books are incredibly popular for all ages, both boys and girls, reluctant and enthusiastic readers and serve a really important role in our student’s reading journeys. 

  • Magazine box

One way to support and supplement the learning process is by having a range of reading resources available.  Purchasing specific children’s magazines tailored to appropriate learning goals is a way of achieving this.  To this end, we have been lucky to secure donations of subscriptions from local businesses.  The magazines we currently subscribe to are Match, Shoot, Scooby Doo, Phoenix Comic, and the Kids National Geographic.

Meet our Reading Ambassadors
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