Science has changed our lives and a high quality provision is necessary for our children to understand the world around them. We want our curriculum to be engaging and bring awe and wonder to the children. We look to satisfy children’s natural curiosity whilst providing the essential knowledge and factual based learning required in this increasingly scientific and technological age. Our children will gain a range of knowledge and conduct experiments where this is used in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Through these disciplines children will predict, analyse, explain and refine. Children will be tested on their scientific knowledge through short quizzes and tests and on their scientific understanding through termly well-planned experiments.

Real-life experiences are a fundamental part of our approach. We are lucky to have Enginuity in the vicinity and aim to use their expertise as often as possible. We look to give children a hands on approach and want children to fully immerse themselves into problem solving and creating. We also invite in visitors, including secondary school teachers and people in various professions, to share expertise but also to inspire the next generation of scientists, architects, engineers and physicists. We aim to challenge any stereotyping that may exist about female scientists and give our children every opportunity to go and achieve whatever their goal may be.