Religious education is vital in helping children understand themselves and the world around them. As a Church of England school we ensure that Christian beliefs and values are made explicit and embedded into daily life across the school. The RE curriculum we follow in Broseley is based on the big questions from the Shropshire Agreed Syllabus. We recognise that many of our pupils do not attend church regularly and therefore our curriculum is designed to help young people develop knowledge and understanding of religious experiences, beliefs and practices. Stories from the bible are at the heart of this and we expect our children to be familiar with stories from the Old and the New testament.

As a school we see ourselves very much at the heart of the Broseley community and we look to nurture that sense of family and community and work often with the local church and Father Christopher to enrich the children’s spiritual and moral development. We have regular assemblies from father Christopher and frequently visit the church which supplements our RE class teaching and Assemblies so that children are equipped with the knowledge and understanding to explore questions about their own beliefs.

At Broseley we celebrate difference. We acknowledge that we all look different, sound different and believe in different things. At our school it is particularly important that we increase the children’s awareness of other faiths and cultures. We teach the children explicitly about other faiths to give them knowledge but also to develop the capacity to participate positively as members of a diverse society and a globalising world. If we truly want our children to have the skills to live and work anywhere in the world it is vital that they have an understanding of others and their traditions and beliefs and have respect for them. With all of this information, children are not only able to converse across society but are in a position to develop their own views, values and identity.

The children develop a deeper appreciation of the spiritual, moral and natural world around them through assemblies which are planned to incorporate major holidays and festivals of all religions. We have Multi-faith week where we focus on different religions. We invite various speakers to share their knowledge with the children and have regular visits to various places of worship. We also create opportunities and links with other schools so children mix with children from different faiths in a non- artificial manner for example Forest School sessions or Sports competitions. Whilst we celebrate differences, it is important to acknowledge that regardless of ethnicity or faith we have so many similarities.

Across the school we study Christianity. In Reception and Key Stage 1 we explore other religions with a focus on Islam as this is the fastest growing religion in the world and has received negative publicity in recent history which has fuelled religious stereotyping. This will continue into KS2 but there will be an added focus on Judaism, Hinduism and Sikhism.