We believe that a high quality Personal, Social and Health education is fundamental for every child. Our holistic curriculum has been designed to meet the Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs of our children in Broseley and ensure our children are healthy, happy and respectful of others. Ultimately, we want our children to add value to the community to the one they are in.

At Broseley we see ourselves as ‘needs led’. We look to develop our PSHE curriculum in accordance with what the children need to lead a healthy and happy life. This may involve a regular change in focus depending on children and current issues. PSHE runs through all subjects and whilst specific lessons are taught, we want a culture of respect and tolerance constantly in all areas of school. We aim to equip children to take responsibility for their learning, their personal health choices and their friendship choices. Our behaviour policy reflects the aim we have for children to regulate and reflect on their emotions and behaviour. We have a wonderful pastoral team that is lead by our Learning mentor with the ultimate aim to produce responsible and caring young people who are honest and reliable and also resilient.

A focus of our School Development Plan is to ensure our young people actively engage themselves in their school community, their local and wider communities. We support this through various events including visiting Residential homes and allowing our site to be used by local football teams, fitness groups and cubs.