We are passionate about sport. We aim to deliver a high quality curriculum where everyone understands the importance of being active but can also develop skills across a range of disciplines. We want our children, regardless of ability, to be confident to fully take part and push their own limits. We believe we provide a supportive environment where mistakes are normal and accepted fosters this. From an early age we look to ensure children develop core strength, co-ordination and are able to manage their bodies physically. Children take part in the weekly mile as we push our children as we strongly believe in a healthy body = a healthy mind.

We aim to ensure every child has the opportunity to represent the school in competition. This should be done with pride. On the sports field is the ideal opportunity for children to display the school ethos: Faith, Ambition, Courage, Endeavour = Success. We have a history and reputation as entering a variety of competitions and we are proud of this.

There are many tournaments that we enter. In these we play to win. We want some of our more talented sports people to compete at a high level against children of similar standards from other schools. This is how we believe children develop and improve. Not just in terms of technique but tactically and emotionally. Anyone who is going to compete at a good level, and many of our children do, need to learn to deal with defeat and be able to reflect and improve on their performances. We look to provide role models for our children. As a result, we have visitors who reinforce the message the adults in school give to the children.