At Broseley CE Primary, we believe that everybody can become a competent mathematician who enjoy lessons and relish challenge. We aim to develop this positive mind-set and passion for maths through creating an environment of risk-taking, mistake making, investigating, reasoning and learning together.

We follow the White Rose programme and look to include relevant and efficient mental, written calculations and jottings to trace our thinking as fundamental tools to help with solving word problems and problem solving investigations. We have a real focus on mathematical thinking and reasoning. We regularly use models and images to help us. We encourage children to develop their own representations and models of proof so that all children embed the depth in conceptual understanding. We do this alongside teaching procedural fluency.

Fluency in number is essential. We try to ensure children have a solid knowledge of place value and number bonds and a rapid recall of times tables up to 12 (which is needed by the end of year 4) to reduce cognitive load when tackling difficult problems and reasoning in Upper Key Stage 2.

Our performance data is above national as a result of our structured approach to fluency, the opportunities for challenge and reasoning and the love that we look to foster in our school. We confront children who state they are ‘not good at Maths’ and look to build confidence wherever possible so children are fully prepared for Secondary school and beyond.

We are passionate about professional development and look to improve through collaborative lesson design, observation of lessons and post-lesson discussions within school and with other schools.