Writing, which can often be the most difficult, is a way for children to express their thoughts and ideas. We want to make it enjoyable for the children and focus on quality rather than quantity. We recognise the link between reading and writing and strive to build links between the two areas. Our children need to recognise that writing can sometimes be difficult but we seek to give them the resilience to use resources, edit and improve to ultimately construct something they are eventually very proud of.

We have a ten step writing approach which incorporates speaking and listening, shared writes, specific vocabulary and opportunities to edit and improve. We have worked hard to ensure lessons across school have the same format and agreed teaching methods so we all have a consistent and effective approach. Children will be exposed to a balance of text types each term as set out in school’s long term planning document. Coverage in each unit is thorough so a number of weeks may be spent on one genre. We follow a ‘writing journey’ approach where children complete a cold piece at the start of a unit that assesses their understanding of the text type entering the unit. They will then be guided through a process of understanding and skills development towards a hot piece at the end that assesses their new level of understanding and evidences progress. Through this writing journey approach, we develop an understanding of a range of the writing genre and their characteristics and ensure that pupils are able to write in a variety of styles and forms appropriate to the text type and audience. Providing a balance of text types ensures children are exposed to a breadth of material and have experience in writing for different purposes.

We teach spelling skills daily and look at the spelling rules and patterns throughout the school. We then provide opportunities for pupils to use the words in context. Pupils are given these spellings as homework. We believe that children with needs in spelling should receive additional and appropriate phonics or strategy teaching in school and we provide this.

We have explicit handwriting lessons and we expect children to take pride in their written work and have a high standard of presentation. As with everything in school, we do not expect everything to be perfect but we expect children to give 100% effort and be proud of their books and want to show them to parents, staff and peers.