We want our children to express their individual thoughts and ideas through making different forms of art, media and materials such as paint, collages, clay and textiles. We want our curriculum to inspire and challenge pupils to be creative and develop skills in drawing, painting, printing and 3D work. Our children will have sketchbooks that can be used regularly so the children can have a clear view of their progress made and everyone can see evidence of the child’s skill development. These sketchbooks will be used regularly for bursts of creativity and the children can use them for practising skills and doodling.

Children will also develop a knowledge of different influential artists. This may include such artists as: Da Vinci, Picasso and Michelangelo and we will consider their work, context and influence as well as learning about their lives. Children will also have some awareness of famous paintings from different eras.

Finally, we want our children to be exposed to different forms of art, through looking and discussing quality images regularly. We want to visit to Art galleries, when possible, to experience being such places and to enable and develop an appreciation of art from different cultures and periods through history. We will also seek to inspire children through visits from artists in attempt to spark interest in our young people.