We offer every child the opportunity to represent the school in sport. As we know this can increase self-esteem and provide children with the feeling of belonging to a team and the responsibilities that come with this. We enter a range of competitions which enable everyone to participate but also more skilled performers to flourish. The competitions we enter are too long to list and include a variety such as year 1 football tournaments, whole school dance competitions to year 6 new age kurling.
For many children sport is an area they want to be involved with in the future and we look to provide pathways and highlight role models so children have an insight into the skills required to be involved. We have been visited by British athletes, took children to Manchester City and Wolverhampton Wanderers stadium to inspire our youngsters.
Many of our children have joined dance groups, local cricket and football teams, karate clubs and boxing gyms which enables them to progress their skills. We have created excellent links with such clubs in our community.


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