100 books challenge

The 100-book reading challenge was developed to encourage our children to read a wide variety of quality texts. The books chosen are a variety of genres and topics which means there is something on there for everyone. The lists are split into the different stages in school – 100 books to read before you leave KS1, 100 books to read in Year and 4 and 100 books to read in Year 5 and 6. We also developed a ‘Little People Big Dreams’ list to make sure that the children are aware of some of the amazing people in our world now and in the past.

Children in Years 2 and below use a reading chart to track the books they read off the list. Every 7 books the children read, they earn a treat. They are invited to listen to a story from Mr Aiston or Mrs Howell – James where they are treated to a hot chocolate and a biscuit. Once the children reach 50 books, they earn an even bigger treat! In KS2, the children fill out a ticket every time they read a book off the lists. These tickets are signed by an adult from home and are then placed in a box in the library. At the end of each half term, two tickets from each year group are pulled out and those children are treated to a special visit. Previously, the children have gone bowling together and had a tasty meal. We are hoping that through some fabulous incentives the children will begin to foster a reading for pleasure attitude and find the true joy that can be found from reading.


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